The post 1990s era saw waves of change that led to globalization. The currents widely influenced the Automobile Industry. With the booming automobile industry in India, the demand for quality fasteners has grown manifold! Shifting from manual sorting practices to Automated Fastener Inspection is the need of the day for every fastener manufacturer, in order to meet customer quality goals.

So be it a simple mix up of identical looking fasteners to defective fasteners - it all needs to be trapped before it leaves the fastener manufacturer’s factory.

To create the ripple of innovation for the first time in India, Automation Artisans developed Bolt Inspection System (BIS) to replace manual sorting practices. It is a nondestructive, non-contact, fast and flexible vision based inspection technology for complete inspection of fasteners of various types.

BIS is a computer based, fully automated fastener inspection system. It can work as a continuous production quality inspector or as an offline laboratory device for geometrical parameter verification. It can perform inspection of all the parameters of hex-bolts, screws and half threaded screws and a select list of parameters for other types of fasteners.

Machine Specifications  

Bolt type : Hex bolt, Screw and Half threaded screw
Bolt Size : M6 to M16
Bolt Length : 20mm to 110mm
Throughput : Up to 120 ppm
Detects : Geometrical parameters, Missing Operation, Drunken Thread, Bolt Mix-up, Helix Angle    and more

BIS consists of the following three elements:
Feeding mechanism (Vibratory bowl feeder)
Vision Inspection and Sensor Stage
Material Handling and Sorting System

Easy mechanical settings and user-friendly software setup make this system readily acceptable for pre-packaging quality inspection. Like every other system designed at Automation Artisans, BIS has been built keeping in mind the existing workforce conditions in the Indian Fastener Industry. Our expert artisans provide hands on training to your operators for achieving consistent inspection results.

Best Quality at Reasonable Price
Auto or Manual Feeding
Perform fast inspection of several bolt parameters
Capable of sending output to mechanical sorting system
Quick System setup
User-friendly operator interface

Ordering Information  
BIS-XX XX = 06 for 6mm, 08 for 8mm, 10 for 10mm, 12 for 12mm, 14 for 14mm, 16 for 16mm, XM   for v 6mm to 16mm
Technical Data  
Total Weight of Machine: 150 kgs
Dimension: L 1.50 X W 0.75 X H 1.50 m
Electrical Power: 230 V, 50Hz
Air Pressure: 5 - 8 bar
Operating Environment  
Temperature: 10° C to 40° C
Humidity: 30% to 80%
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