Machine Vision Systems

ACURA Vision Gauging System

The ACURA Vision Gauging System is a camera based instant measuring equipment for small components. It is shop floor Any Time Measurement (ATM) equipment useful during various production stages. It is best suited for gauging precision turned and machined components. Conventionally, geometrical dimensions of precision components are measured using gauging equipments like profile projectors or micrometer screw gauge or vernier calipers etc. It is time consuming if several parameters need to be measured. ACURA can measure several parameters in less than a second by simply placing the part on the measuring stage. It can also generate detailed reports to monitor quality of daily production. Acura can measure several measure several parameter in less than a second,  by placing the part on the measuring stage.

Acura – Any Time Measurement equipment for Production Stages
Production Machine Setup
Operator can quickly inspect the first screen and verify if various parameters are within tolerance
Production Inspection
Operators can routinely inspect sample parts during production to maintain quality.
Package Inspection
Operators can quickly inspect a random sample of parts from packaging station to ensure quality.
Technical Specifications

Salient Features and specification includes easy part loading; contact non technology; efficient and intuitive user interface; SPC reports; and indigenous software developed in house.

Acura Measurements

With Acura, multiple outer dimensions like circle, thread, angle, distances, height, diameter can be measured.